Equipment Needed when Trapping Rodent

Once the rodent decided to invade our living spaces, there are instances that a trap will not be successful on its own. You will need to secure some additional equipment to raise the success of trapping the rodent. There are rodents that can be quite aggressive and there are others that will be trap-shy. By setting up a trap all over the key places and using additional equipment, you will be able to end your rodent problem quickly.

List of Tools and Equipment Needed to Trap Rodent
In case you have an unwanted guest that is causing havoc to your property, you might want to make sure that have these tools at hand. Most of the equipment can be purchased at your local garden shop or grocery stores.

Bait Station
Bait station is an important piece of trapping technique especially if you have pets and kids in your garden. This will prevent the non-targeted animals from getting an access on the bait inside. It should be made from heavy duty materials and should be attached using a tamper-resistant screw or locking mechanism. It should also allow the bait to last for a longer period. There are different types of bait station, you need to look for something that will help you achieve your goal.

Different kinds of trap are available in the market. There are cage traps, snap traps, grip, etc. If your aim is to simply capture the species, you need to purchase a live trap. A trap is an excellent method to control the population of the rodent. Live traps are humane and effective way to get rid of the infestation. The aim of this trap is to remove them and not to exterminate the animal.

Bait Paste
While it may not be considered an equipment, bait paste should be an integral part of the trapping process. There’s a huge selection of bait paste to choose from. Be sure that you will choose a bait that appeal to the rodent. Bait paste is designed to encourage the rodent from interacting with the trigger plate.

Trapper Tunnel
Trapper tunnel is made from cardboard or plastic material. This work similarly with the bait station but the trapper tunnel is particularly designed for glue trap. This will prevent the dusts and food particles from getting into the glue board. If you are planning to introduce the glue trap in an outdoor environment, then you will have to prepare a trapper tunnel. Having the right equipment in hand will make the entire removal process easy and convenient. However, you need to know how to properly use them. Some of the equipment will require some expertise in order to set them up appropriately. While some traps can capture a rodent on its own, additional equipment should also be prepared in the instance that you encounter a trap-shy rodent. If you tried everything but you still can’t capture the animal, then you should attempt to hire the service of the professionals.

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