Why Do Possums Hiss

Opossums closely resembles the marsupial creatures found in Australia. Since they are marsupials, they share some similar characteristic with kangaroo. For instance, they will carry their babies using their small pockets. This animal is also known for their nibbling habit and voracious appetite. There are at least 69 species of opossums in the world but only the Virginia opossum can be found in the US. They are gentle creatures that will usually be vulnerable against the attack of the predators.

The Hissing Sound of the Opossum
The opossums can create different sound depending on the situation. One known sound that they produce would be their hissing noise. Since the animal will not be equipped with a real defense against the predators, the only thing they can do is to show their sharp teeth and produce a hiss. Hopefully, this will be enough to intimidate the attacker and will encourage to leave them alone. Hissing sound can be a sign of aggression. If the intimidation failed to work, then they can only play dead and hope for the best.

The Sounds that Opossums Create
The opossum will be producing a clicking noise if they are attracting the attention of a potential mate. The growling, grunting can be sometimes mixed with the hissing sound when there is something threatening them. The baby opossums will also create noise that may sound like they are sneezing. This noise is intended to capture the attention of their parents. Apart from these noises, the animals will not commonly produce an audible sound.

The Sound of the Opossums at Night
Since they are nocturnal creatures, you will usually hear them create noise at dark. If they are alone, they will rarely make noise. Therefore, they can remain undetected in your property for months. If you start hearing their sound, it is an indication that several opossums are in your property. The ‘choo’ and clicking sound that you will hear on your attic or roof is a sign that there is a nest in your site that is filled with baby opossums. Clicks is a mating call in your garages and basement, and the hiss may mean that they are fighting with your pets.

Controlling the Opossums
By removing the opossums, you will also eliminate the sounds that are bothering you at night. Opossums can be attracted in your yard due to a possible food source. For instance, our trashcan can be a food source to this creature. By keeping your trash covered with a secured lid, you will be able to discourage them from frequenting your yard. You should also have a waste management system. Keep the perishable items at the base of the can while the non-perishable goods should be placed on top. This will make it difficult for the animal to access the food scraps. We do not recommend you to handle the wild opossum infestation on your own since there are some risks associated with them Instead, hire the professionals who will be dedicated in removing the animals appropriately.

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