How to Keep Animals Away from Your Trash

A smelly garbage can easily capture the attention of the wild animals. Once the animal gets into our garbage, expect that they will create a considerable mess. You will need to find a way to keep them off your trash to save yourself from unnecessary stress and headache. We have compiled all the important tips that you can use to avoid the chaos that these wild animals can cause.

Essential Tips to Keep the Animals Out of Your Garbage
With some handy tips and a bit of common sense, you will realize that keeping them out of your garbage can will be simple. You simply must determine the culprit and understand the behavior of the wild animal.

Reduce the Odor
When disposing perishable items, place them inside the garbage bag and then tie it. Place it in another garbage bag then seal it once more. This will prevent the scent from escaping. Since the animal has an incredible olfactory sense, you will need to minimize the odor that emanates from your garbage can. You can also use an odorless-spray that will neutralize the scent.

Make It Inaccessible
There are different ways on how you can make the trash less accessible to these creatures. You should try to invest on a sturdy metal trash can that is highly resistant against the attack of the wild animals. It should also come with a tight covering and a locking mechanism. If it doesn’t come with a lock, place a heavy item on top of the cover such as bricks or cinderblocks. Place the food scraps and other perishable goods at the lower portion of the garbage. This will make it difficult for the animal to retrieve the food inside. Since most of the attacks will happen at night, you should also consider placing the trashcan indoors to avoid the mess that these animals can create. If you are afraid that your house will smell like garbage, consider making an outdoor compartment for the trashcan.

Using Deterrents
Repellents and deterrents can work but only for a short time. This may not be the best solution if you have a recurring visit from a wild animal. There are different machine deterrents that you can use such as a sprinkler that comes with a motion sensor. Be sure that the garbage bin is within the range of the machine. Decoys, flood lights, and machine that emit sound will work for 3-5 days. You will have to switch to other repellents in case you notice that it is no longer effective. This may be an impractical solution. Finally, you might want to let the wildlife removal specialists to handle this problem. Call the local wildlife specialist and provide them with the necessary information. They will conduct an assessment that will help them look for a viable solution. They can also answer your questions on how you can keep these wild animals away from your garbage can. They can also help you find a trashcan that can withstand the attack of these animals.

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