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We are Chicago Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing Chicago, IL. For the past three years, we were voted the top wildlife control company within the city’s metropolitan area, inspiring confidence from our clients. Part of this comes from the fact that we always treat our customers how we would want them or others to treat us, with respect and courtesy. Clients also appreciate our ability to offer low prices with the highest-quality service in the area. To ensure that you get wildlife control assistance when you need it, we can remove snakes from your home 24/7 in an emergency situation. Do not hesitate to contact us about snake removal as our tools and training let us safely remove every single snake species within the state, including the venomous ones. We can also identify which snake species are venomous to assist you in the future. Whether or not you are currently dealing with wildlife, we specialize in making professional-grade building repairs that will permanently keep wildlife out. After we remove any wildlife from your attic, we can sanitize and clean the space to prevent the spread of disease and odors. We will even take care of repairs like replacing insulation when necessary. With more than a decade of wildlife experience, we have the necessary skills to help in every situation. Call us now at 773-432-4988 for a solution to your wild animal problem.

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Dead animal removal, inside and outside.

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Our Service Range

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Chicago Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: How to Keep Animals Out of Your Shed

If you leave the wild animals in your house unchecked, their small population can lead to a full-blown infestation in just a couple of months. Creating an environment that is not hospitable to animals can ensure that the space under your porch or shed will be free from wild animals. You will not only protect the integrity of your house structure, but you can also assure that you will remain safe from the health risks related with these animals.

Ways to Keep the Wild Animals Away from the Space under the Porch or Shed
As the warmer season approaches, you can expect the plants and flowers in your garden to bloom. During this time, there will also be a massive increase in the activities of the pesky critters. If they found your place too comfortable, they will decide to stay. The best place for them to build their den would be in the dark areas such as the space below our shed and porch. Here are some ways to avoid that situation.

Trench Screening
Before you conduct this method, you must make sure that there will be no animals trapped under your shed. You should also contact the nearby Dig Safe Agency in advance. When looking for a material that you should use, opt for a galvanized hardware cloth preferably the ¼ or ½ mesh opening. In case you are worried that the hardware cloth can affect the aesthetic appeal of your house, you may paint it with your desired color. It should also be buried at least a foot below the ground to deter those persistent diggers.

Patio Blocks
You will have to use a hardware cloth in order to cover the gap on your shed and the ground. Before you install the hardware cloth, ensure that there will be a slight slope on the ground. You will also need to prepare patio blocks preferably those with a dimension of 8x16x1 inches. After installing the mesh, you may now arrange the patio blocks against the mesh wires. The slope will guarantee that the flow of water will be away from the structure of your house. Remember that using this method can greatly diminish the airflow under the shed or porch that may lead to moisture-related issues.

Open Method
The wildlife areas will not prefer to live in the areas that are too open since this will not feel safe. It also allows too much light to enter that can affect their rest. In case the deck is considerably high from the ground, you will be able to prevent wild animals from denning under your shed. Make sure that you will also remove the walls and shrubs that can be inviting to the animals.

Clear any debris that the animal can use to conceal their presence. You should also try to install some chicken wires that will extend at least 1 foot below the ground to prevent the critters from dwelling under your shed or porch.